Surrey Chapter UK

AGM Ripley 6th October 2017


Rob Every

Mel Every

Peter Skelton

Sharon Skelton

Peter Kelly

Robin Moorby

Andy Scott

Mike De Frateschi

Andy Dube

Linda Cutchey

Peter Cutchey

Mo Smith

David Smith

Mark Hammond

Tracey Hammond

Jane Pearse

Andy Pearse

Michael Mantle

Ray Matthews

Mary Varty

John Varty

Tony Auger

Chris Palmer

Julie Palmer

Owen Miles


Greg Moon

Marion Mantle





Steve Whitmore

Sue Whitmore

Martin Withers

Mick Evans

Carol Evans

Simon Wallace

Manda Miles

Annette Matthews

John Hedger

Glenda Hedger

Derek Melly




Opening by - Mel Every    
Mel opened the meeting by thanking people for attending and notifying apologies.

Proposal of 2016 minutes – Mel Every                                                                   

These were proposed by Mo Smith and seconded by Owen Miles

Reflection on the past year and what to look forward to in 2018 -  David Smith            
David started by reflecting on a couple of significantly attended trips away to the HD rally in St Tropez and the Hayling Island 60’s weekend along with Woolacombe, Welsh Wanderings 11(two) and the clubs appreciation to those who organise these events.

The Fun day at Colin and Cheryl’s house in aid of MPN despite the rain will be remembered for the amazing generosity of members and friends but also the atmosphere of the event and David expressed thanks to all who helped and especially to Marion Mantle for her organisation.

Steve Whitmore’s Mid week rides have again been successful with rides to The Motorbike shack, Goodwood test day, an American diner and places of interest, plus this year an Electric bike and hovercraft experience this gives SCUK a dimension not experienced in many clubs, and thanks and appreciation was expressed, this was endorsed by Peter Skelton.

David expressed his appreciation to the Management team and Road Crew who’s contribution is behind the clubs success, noting that Rob Every and Steve Whitmore’s commitment to the away trips and rides is valued within the club.

The new venue for our club nights -David explained that besides the unwelcome reaction by a few, he was satisfied that after assessment of venues by the MT as well as checking out all locations advised by members, even those well after the closing date, the correct new venue has been found.

The move to the Brewery Inn in Ashtead has resulted in a very warm and pro-active  welcome from Beverley and her staff, no concern shown by the Star when advised we were no longer coming.

2018 – David advised the attendees that again we have some great trips, going to Italy, Ireland, the Peak District, the Isle of Wight 80’s weekend and the third and final WW1  France remembrance visit.

The riding plan meeting is in November and members are asked to offer ideas including some research on options, then a nominated Road Crew member will organise the route etc. 

Finance – Julie explained the club finance status as at the end of 2016, its current status and detail on the clubs contribution to the 25th party.

Of the 80 tickets for the Christmas party 50 have now been sold, and if any remain unsold at the end of October members can apply to bring guests.

Although some comments have been made that we should consider alternative options for a Start of season party, alternative ideas are not offered, Dave Smith put the proposal to the meeting that we hold another Barn Dance at Imber Court in 2018, this was voted 25 for, 3 against.

Julie will now confirm with Imber Court that we will have a party in March, ticket sales will remain at £22.50 per person.

Julie concluded by advising the meeting that Annette was doing well presently. ( Julie is one of a small band of friends who are taking it in turns to visit Annette at home)


Charity outline for 2018 Marion started by thanking all of those who assisted with the charity fun day including some who although they incurred cost’s never requested expenses.

The main MPN fund raiser for 2018 will be a bike event by SCUK and one of the other possible events the club will support is for Guy’s hospital at an event for the same charity.

Ideas for consideration will be requested through E Torque, one due to its success at the fun day will be a vintage HD items (SCUK member donations) stall possibly at the 2018 Brightona event, which will also be used to promote the club.

Facebook – Peter Cutchey advised the meeting that due to some questions about what should be uploaded on the clubs closed page, Guidelines will be posted as the first notice when opening the page.

Chris Palmer said that since joining he felt the content was well balanced but it was a shame occasionally incidents happened.

Club vacancies – Due to recent resignations the road crew size has reduced and it is important that riders who could qualify for the positions are found. One  resignation from the road crew has resulted in the Germany away trip being withdrawn from the 2018 calendar.

The merchandising format is being reviewed to make the role easier including assessing the supplier being the point of sale, Mo Smith has offered to do the patches.

Rides – It involves a lot for road crew to assess rides for the calendar so again this year we ask members to consider ride options such as location they have been to which could be a destination ride and will be asked to offer a little information about it so the lead can just assess the best route to it. Ride calendar can be found on in the events section.

Essex Chapter – Owen Miles advised that in conversation with the Essex Director they are planning some overnight stay rides, this could allow for an SCUK ride to do similar staying at the same venue.  Their next rally will be in August 2018 it was noted at the meeting that SCUK put in a good attendance and it is a very friendly event.

Riding – Peter Skelton advised the meeting that the mid week rides were a very good addition to our riding calendar well organised by Steve Whitmore and encouraged people to give them a try.

Road crew numbers were discussed again, Tony Auger asked if there was not enough road crew was fortnightly ride planning a better approach, Dave Smith wants to resist this as bad weather cancellation for example could leave the club with a single weekend ride that month.

AOB – Peter Cutchey raised the possibility of the AGM minutes going on Face book. As it will be on the members area of the web page it does not need to be on the closed group but an abbreviated version will be provided by Peter Skelton for the external page.

It was advised that the Father Christmas ride to Bedelsford special school  will go from the Brewery Inn (SCUK Club night venue, dates and location posted on the web site)

Steve Whitmore has suggested during the winter the odd meet on a Sunday there for breakfast then a ride or just a chat with friends.

Andy Pearse asked if the outside heaters were now installed at the Brewery Inn, Dave Smith advised they were.

The meeting closed at 20.25