Rideouts During COVID-19 Restrictions

While we all have a certain amount of free choice there are things we should and should not do as a group of motorcycle riding citizens and friends.


You should not go riding at all if you, a member of your household or someone you have been in close contact with has tested positive or shows symptoms of Covid-19.

You should only ride with a pillion if they are part of your household or social bubble.

We can now meet up at the start in multiple groups of up to 30 people the groups being at least 2 metres apart.

Those in a group (but not in a bubble together) must still stay at least 1 metre apart outside or 2 metres apart indoors, (this can be reduced to 1 metre indoors by wearing masks).

Once a group is formed people must stay in the same group all day - and not mingle into other groups.

When we ride behind a leader in a procession using drop offs etc we ride as individuals (or two up with a pillion).

Whenever we dismount at stops or the finish and form a group for social purposes this can only be with the same people that were in the group in which we started.

Aim to be as self-sufficient as possible by starting with a full fuel tank and if possible taking refreshments and other essentials with you. Do not share food and drink with others.

Bring and use appropriately Covid-19 safety kit such as hand gel, mask, visor and gloves.


If possible before the day of the ride authorise people to attend and ensure the number of people in the group does not exceed the number currently permitted to gather together by national or local Government.

Keep a list of all attendees for 21 days for NHS Test & Trace purposes.

Remind the group about Social Distancing.

When choosing the ride start and finish points avoid locations where Social Distancing may be an issue.

Try to avoid any stops en route but just in case if possible establish in advance where there are suitable facilities such as fuel and toilets where Social Distancing should not be an issue.

Avoid touching another rider’s machine. If helping another rider with a mechanical problem you should stay socially distanced and use hand gel or wear disposable gloves. 

In the case of a medical emergency PPE should be donned before approaching within 2 metres. When possible this should include goggles and if available a face shield and nitrile gloves. Avoid putting your face in close proximity to the patient’s face. If possible check for breathing by watching for their chest to rise and fall. 

At all times ride with care and consideration for other road users and residents as during the current restrictions the public image of motorcycling will remain under extra scrutiny.