Whitstable Oysters 19th April

A bit of history.

Whitstable has long been synonymous with oysters, with much of the town’s history built upon Whitstable’s Native Oysters (Ostrea Edulis), a flavourful and delicious variety of cultivated European oyster.

A regional delicacy and staple of any Whitstable diet, oysters continue play a central role in Whitstable’s commerce and culture, being served up in the town’s many gourmet restaurants and oyster bars during the season from September to April.

Our Visit

We will visit the sea front and have lunch in the The Whitstable Oyster Company restuarant. As well as oysters there is an extensive fruits of the sea menu. They also have their own microbrewery so the beers good and varied.

If you'd like me to book you a place at a table please let me know.

There are also many restuarants, bars and stalls which serve non-fish dishes!  

We will depart from Rykas at 10.00 and ride the Motorways to Maidstone before heading off onto the smaller Kentish and coastal roads to Whitstable. Its about a 70 miles and 90 minutes ride. 

I hope you be able to join me. Steve Whitmore 07 968 448 891