We have been invited by Beach Hogs to join them on their Toy and Egg run this year. Those of you that have been to Ian and Monica’s BBQ will have met some of them there. They go to Chailey Heritage School and deliver toys and eggs to the severely disabled children, some of which like to come out and sit on the bikes. The staff there kindly provide tea and coffee and cake for us, so I will need to let them numbers nearer the time. 

I will lead a ride from Ryka’s Cafe, leaving at 9:15 am on Easter Sunday 12th April riding down the A24 to meet them at the Chalet Cafe at Cowfold, just off the A272, to arrive just before 10am where we will meet the Beach Hogs and will leave at 10:15am to follow them to Chailey Heritage School.
You have the option of picking us up en-route on the A24 or meeting us all at the Chalet Cafe.
Peter Cutchey