Time to Celebrate Beer Gardens Opening 

If all goes well with the C19 exit plan timetable then today, 12 April, is the day Beer Gardens etc are being allowed to open again, Hazzah!

To celebrate we have a MONDAY ride to a pub in Ringmere, to cater for tables of six, which will be outside but under shelter.

Please let Rob know if you hope to attend

Please check here before leaving home in case we have to cancel because the weather is bad. 

Meet at Pease Pottage services on the M23 from 11.00 and be ready to set off at 11.20 and if necessary in a second group at 11.30 on a 45 mile ride. 

C19 restrictions dictate that we must not exceed groups of 6 people. So please gather in groups of 6 or fewer and keep 2m between groups. Once on the road we will ride as individuals using the usual drop off system. When we stop you should reform the same groups as before and not swap around.