WW1 Trenches

Sunday 26th June

We'll meet at Runnymede Pleasure Ground

for a 10am departure.


Sunday 26.06.2022 will be the 105th anniversary of American troops landing in France during WW1, so I thought, let's see some WW1 stuff. 

So I've called and Francis Hanford will organise a WW1 display in the museum for us at RAF Halton.

Due to Ash die back the trenches are currently closed but hopefully will be reopen to the public by then. 


In the heart of Buckinghamshire, RAF Halton is home to the battle line trenches used for training in WW1 which are now being restored.

Originally dug by the men in 1914, the trenches stretch for miles, previously accommodating soldiers who used the trenches as training grounds to aid the learning of surviving in the Western Front as they prepared to face disease, hunger and little sleep.

Once they were able to dig and learn the basics of survival, the men were sent to the Somme. The battle claimed 60,000 lives on the first day alone.

This is located on a RAF airbase so I will have to contact them 3 days prior to arrange permission for us to be on the base etc.