5 June Led by Orson Wells

Sir Thomas Sopwith was a keen motorcyclist, a hot air balloonist and an Expert Ice Skater winning a Gold Medal at the European Championships in 1910 with the Great Britain National Hockey team.  

Interested in flying he was self-taught and gained his Flying Licence - Number 31. In 1910 he won £4000.00 pounds for the longest flight from England to the continent flying 169 miles. He started his company at Brooklands but later moved to Kingston where he produced 18000 planes during WW1 the most famous being the Sopwith Camel. After the War he was made Bankrupt due to Punitive Anti-profiteering Taxes. In 1920 he opened a new Aviation company with his chief test pilot Harry Hawker known as Hawker Aviation. 

We will ride to see where Sidney Camm lived and view his memorial of the Hawker Hurricane he designed, ride past the Golf Course where Tom Sopwith landed his aircraft to visit his sister in 1911, view the building in honour of this occasion in Datchet then make our way to All Saints Churchyard in Little Sombourne to visit his Grave.   

A leisurely ride with a couple of initial stops to see things its will be about 65 miles to the destination and have lunch or return home at your leisure.

Meet at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds cafe at 9.45 with a 10am departure.