Make your own way to The Chalet Cafe, Henfield Road, Horsham, RH138DU from where we will leave at 10.30 am sharp.
It does get busy so if you fancy a big breakfast get there earlier.
The destination is Chailey Heritage Foundation, North Chailey, BN8 4EF, which is a special needs school;; near Haywards Heath and only a 30 minute ride from the cafe. 
A single Easter egg and a soft toy or two will be greatfully received as some of the children are Nil By Mouth and not all of them can be there. The school will also welcome cash donations on the day and this will benefit all the  children.  
If all goes to plan we will join Beach Hogs for the ride. Steve Whitmore will lead SCUK behind the BH riders and we will do our own drop off etc.